Galliant Advisors LP

999 De Maisonneuve Boulevard West, Suite 755

Montreal, Quebec

H3A 3L4


Tel: 514.788.5544

Fax: 514.788.5551


Founded in 2007, Galliant Advisors LP is a Montreal-based investment management firm offering investment solutions for a growing client base of high-net worth individuals and institutions. Our executive team has over 60+ years of experience in the investment industry.

We offer our clients segregated managed accounts, as well as hedging strategies through the institutional-backed Galliant Market Neutral Fund, as well as through the Galliant Equity Long/Short Fund.

At Galliant, we utilize an event-driven and fundamental investment approach supported by strong financial analytics to find investment securities poised for near-term share price movement. Our objective is to capture the upside in our conviction ideas while ensuring capital preservation by using disciplined portfolio management to minimize downside risk.

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