“We believe that markets are inefficient in the short-term, but efficient in the long-term. This short-term inefficiency allows us to invest in great companies at low prices."

Ian Shaffer

Chief Investment Officer

Galliant Market Neutral (GMN) Fund

  • Strategy
    Market Neutral
  • Net Exposure
    ~ -10% to 25%
  • Asset Class
    Public Equities
  • Geography
    North American Focus
  • Market Capitalization
    Mid/Large Cap
  • Position Size
    Up to 10%
  • Liquidity
    < 1x Average Daily Volume
  • Loss Limits
    Review if losses exceed:
    Long: -15%
    Short: -20%

How It Works

The Galliant Market Neutral (GMN) Fund is an actively managed market-neutral, long/short equity fund that invests primarily in North American securities. The Fund utilizes an event-driven and fundamental investment approach supported by strong financial analytics in order to find the ideal balanced mix of long and short equity securities. The Fund’s investment objective is to generate strong risk-adjusted returns, while limiting market exposure, which is typically around 20%, to ensure capital preservation.