"Be Proactive, Not Reactive"

Ken Koby

Vice President
Portfolio Manager

Separately Management Accounts (SMAs)*

  • Strategy
  • Net Exposure
    ~ 85% to 100%
  • Asset Class
    Public Equities
  • Geography
    North American Focus
  • Market Capitalization
    Mid/Large Cap
  • Position Size
    Up to 10%
  • Liquidity
    < 1x Average Daily Volume
  • Loss Limits
    Review if losses exceed -15%
  • *These parameters represent the equity portion of Galliant's SMAs

How It Works

The Galliant Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) are actively managed long-only portfolios that seek to capture the upside in our favourite ideas. The SMAs invest primarily in North American securities and utilize an event-driven and fundamental investment approach supported by strong financial analytics to uncover investment securities poised for near-term upside, as well as longer-term growth and value opportunities.