"We don’t invest in the market, we invest in individual companies.”

Ian Shaffer

Chief Investment Officer

Galliant Equity Long/Short (GELS) Fund

  • Strategy
  • Net Exposure
  • Asset Class
    Public Equities
  • Geography
    North American Focus
  • Market Capitalization
    Mid/Large Cap
  • Position Size
    Up to 10%
  • Liquidity
    < 1x Average Daily Volume
  • Loss Limits
    Review if losses exceed:
    Long: -15%
    Short: -20%

How It Works

The Galliant Equity Long/Short (GELS) Fund is an actively managed equity long/short fund that invests primarily in North American securities. The Fund utilizes an event-driven and fundamental investment approach supported by strong financial analytics to successfully uncover securities poised for near-term share price movement. Our objective is to make prudent decisions that will enable us to outperform the market while reducing risk by limiting net market exposure, which is typically around 50%.

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