2019 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards: 3rd Place, Best 1-Year Return

The Galliant Market Neutral (GMN) Fund has been awarded the 3rd place award for the best 1-year return at the 2019 Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, presented by Alternative IQ.

The Canadian Hedge Fund Awards, the highest honour in Canada’s hedge fund industry, were presented yesterday evening at a Gala Dinner at One King West Hotel in Toronto with 125 guests in attendance.

The Canadian Hedge Fund Awards help investors identify the most exceptional hedge funds, recognizing winners in 5 categories as well as the Overall Best 2019 Canadian Hedge Fund.

A total of 197 Canadian Hedge Funds were included in the 2019 CHFA program. The awards are based solely on quantitative performance data to June 30th, with Fundata Canada managing the collection and tabulation of the data to determine the winners. There is no nomination process or subjective assessment in identifying the winning hedge funds.


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